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First Day Covers Switzerland

The «Millenium» Collection


The collection that was offered under the sobriquet of «Millenium» in the fall 1999 Rapp Auction is a marvellous collection of First Day Covers (FDC) of Switzerland – impressive not by their numbers, but by their evidently top-class quality.


It is a very rare event when a one-country FDC collection realizes some 150‘000 Francs (and some of the rare top items of this collecting even were missing). The collector had always obeyed the exclusive rule: «Don’t buy when an item on offer is not absolutely impeccable; be happy to pay more than your competitor once a perfect items is coming under the hammer.»


Consequently, this magnificent collection contains quite a few ‘beauty queens’ among its ca. one hundred first days covers. Top-class items aside – although one of the very rare FDC of the «altered pedestal» variety (Pro Patria, 1940) may be mentioned – we also encounter many not so highly rated first day covers. However, their truly exceptional quality makes them highly desirable. The collectors’ response on the auction floor clearly confirmed this.


Result: approx. 137'500 Swiss francs












The Highlight of the «Millenium» collection



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Pro Patria 1940, 20 C. rot, geänderter Sockel, auf weissem Ersttagsbrief in bester Qualität. Attest BPB und Liniger. Ein sehr seltener Ersttagsbrief! SBK 24'000.–. SBK-Nr. 7


Schätzung 8'000.– bis 10'000.–

Verkaufspreis: CHF 23'600.– (inkl. Aufgeld ohne MWST)

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